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Sis Boom ‘Jamie’ dress/top.


A friend wanted me to make her a Jamie dress, she says ‘it looks lovely, how does it fit’ well l could not tell her as l had not even made the pattern even though l had the pattern for such a long time.

Now was the perfect time to make one because how could l honestly say how the pattern fitted unless l had made and worn one myself.  I started with my muslin which l made as a top and as l was on the high end of the sizing l went with that sizing but even though it is perfectly wearable l did feel that it was a little bit firmer than what l was comfortable with wearing.


Making the Jamie as a top will be versatile for a quick top over shorts, pants or leggings even a skirt. Having made a top l really wanted to make a dress and as my friend is very similar to my measurements this was the ideal time to see how it fitted and it fitted perfectly.  The only adjustment will be the fitting of the shoulder straps to get the perfect fit but this is stated in the pattern so it is expected but such a simple thing to do.  Making the dress l sized up after fitting the muslin top and the fit is more comfortable.

For the dress l chose some Jennifer Paganelli fabric from the ‘Happy land’ range, this fabric is a lovely soft cotton so comfortable to wear and perfect for the Jamie dress.  The Jamie dress will be perfect for the summer and spring and would be lovely with a shawl of little cardigan for the cooler evenings.  Not having made the Jamie l was surprised how quick it was to make, l was able to make both of these Jamie’s in a couple of days with interruptions so l am looking forward to making another Jamie top in particular.

link to Jamie pattern.

Happy crafting.



Something for winter, Jocole ‘quick dress’


It’s winter time and sometimes you just want to feel a bit more feminine and get out of the baggy clothes and what better way for me than to whip up a quick dress.

Jocole had the perfect pattern and having it in my pattern stash it was the time to make one now.  The quick dress is just that, quick.  Having a few options in necklines and sleeve lengths makes it perfect for all seasons.  Making a dress in knit l downsized 1 size but l needed to take it in another 1/8″ but l think l really could have downsized 2 sizes, l did not want the dress baggy and l did not want to wear a belt  so downsizing definately makes it more comfortable for me.

I chose the boatneck neckline which is higher thinking it would be ideal for winter but l did find that it was a little too high and felt like it was rubbing my neck so l have adjusted the neckline to a little lower and it sits much more comfortably.

Wearing a scarf hid the neckline and adds a little pop of colour for winter as well.

I do really like how this dress can go from casual to smart attire and its so quick and easy in knit fabric.  I have another quick dress cut and ready to sew but l will make with a few adjustments.  Long sleeves are too long but l always have to adjust sleeves so that is nothing unusual for me.  Having to downsize a couple of sizes for knit was a little surprising but this is definately a wearable dress.

Happy crafting


Sis boom ‘Rebecca’ “Heat wave/Frost fever” for June challenge.


So it’s winter here so what do l sew for some fun a summer dress, why you may ask.  Well the ‘Rebecca’ dress is my favourite dress from Sis Boom and l have a few of the ‘Rebecca’ dresses now but there are some other gorgeous patterns and l have a few more to try so l am sure there will be some more favourites to come.

I love that l can just pop on this dress and head out the door feeling quite swish and elegant just when l need it and its great with a simple cardigan as well.  Mainly though l will have some great stylish dresses for the summer when it  comes around.

This is very simple to make as the instructions are very easy to follow and after making a few now l am more confident to adapt the pattern a little to suit the fabric placement for my next ‘Rebecca’ dress, yes there will be more for sure.

The hardest decision is selecting fabric for for anything that l make, having some gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli fabric on hand l decided it was finally time to just dive in and just cut and sew away and l am so glad that l did now l just need to use a bit more of it on my next Sis  Boom pattern.  Yes there will be more as l am building up that hand made wardrobe with some sewing for me this year and loving every moment of it.

If you haven’t tried the ‘Rebecca’ dress l encourage you to try it.  I did not think that l would feel comfortable with a fitted dress but after searching on our friend google and pinterest l discovered some great ‘Rebecca’ dresses on some gorgeous ladies of all shapes and sizes and they all looked stunning.  I took the plunge and bought the pattern and so glad that l did.  If there are patterns that you are unsure would be suitable for yourself do a search and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Link to the pattern is here.

Happy crafting,


Bonnie skirt & Shellie clutch for Sew News


I had the opportunity to test a pattern for Sis Boom, the Bonnie skirt and the Shellie clutch which will be featured in the ‘Sew News’ magazine.

What a little treasure is the Shellie clutch, it is an elegant clutch suitable for any special occasion.


The Bonnie skirt is a full circle skirt on a perfectly yoke shaped waist band to give an elegant shape to the body with out lots of fullness on the waist.  Perfect for those of us who do not like a flowing waisted skirt.  Bonnie has a zip to create the perfect fit, the pattern has detailed instructions for an invisible zip but l opted for an exposed zip in a bright blue to match the fabric to give that extra added pop of colour.

I found this skirt to be very comfortable and would be happy to wear out for any occasion whether that is on a beautiful morning or afternoon walk as l have done here or could be perfectly matched with the Shellie clutch while dining out for dinner.

Bonnie skirt

The fabric of choice is from Jennifer Paganelli and from her Jenny Eliza range. Having quite a bit of Jennifer Paganelli’s fabric it was a little difficult to choose but l felt that this was perfect to showcase the elegance of the pattern.

Full circle skirt

The flair of the Bonnie skirt sits well on the waistband while not creating fullness on the waist which is why l do like this pattern and l do feel comfortable wearing this and even more so with the compliments that l have received.  The other testers created some great versions of both these patterns and also the ‘Wendy Weekender’ bag and the ‘tablerunner’ as well.  These patterns from Sis Boom will be available from Sew News from the 22nd June 2015.  I am sure they will then be available from Sis Boom at a later date and l will up date when that is available.   This is the link to ‘Sew News’ where the patterns will be available.

link to Sis Boom

Thanks for reading my blog and happy crafting.


Swimmers sew a long.

Swimmers sew a long.

How long do you have to hold onto your gorgeously smooth spandex until you decide to make something.  Well for me it was until l decided to take the plunge with some coaxing of a sew a long by Cole’s Creations, a pattern group full of encouragement.

I decided to finally use my swimmers pattern from Boo Designs l had purchased when it was first released.  Having some Boo spandex really helped in the super easy making of the swimmers pattern, l chose to first make some ‘shorties’ for the boys because they were suggested as the super easy pattern to start with first.

Well they were right, super easy and spandex is not as daunting as you think it could be.  I just had to make a rashie as well and a pair of ‘shorties’ will be next on the list to make a matching pair and then l may just tackle the swimmers with all that binding next and l am sure l will wonder why l left it so long to make them as yes much easier than you think they are and don’t they look awesome.  Going to look super cute on the little ones for their swimming lessons.

Boo Rashie and shorties in Boo spandex.  Boo designs has everything you need to create your swimmers from pattern to spandex to elastics so Boo has it covered for you.

You can even make something for the boys as well with Boo spandex and the range is constantly changing.

Link to Boo designs for your swimmers pattern and fabrics for swimmers.

Happy crafting, Leanne.