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Every little girls dream Twirly dress


All little girls love a twirly dress so in search of just such a pattern and we have the Boo designs Skater dress.

Made in knit this is super quick but yet simply hits the mark for twirly loving little girls.   The pattern is super quick to cut and sew yet stunning in pleasing the market it is aimed for.  I was able to make 2 dresses in an evening easily, the pattern’s simple style gives a perfect fit, designed for knit or spandex fabric its soft.

The directions are very clear making it easy for the beginner sewer to make, the directions for sewing in knit enable even the beginner sewer able to complete this pattern.  There are lots of options for styling in the pattern, this particular dress has the classic front and the racer back on the bodice and the girls just love the racer back.  Other options are the racer back and classic back or classic front and classic back.  So as you can see great value for lots of styling.

Boo designs skater dress

Boo designs skater dress

Having lots of twirl little girls WILL NOT want to take it off, yes that’s correct they even want to sleep in them, that is how much they love the skater dress. Problem solved, as these gorgeous little twirly dresses are so quick to make you can easily make a few more for more twirling fun.

skater collage

These fun loving twirling dresses are not only suitable for day wear but also make wonderful uniforms for dance class.

Link to the Boo designs skater dress pattern is

Happy crafting.


Pattern testing the Haute Skinny Skirt


From time to time l get the opportunity to pattern test for designers.  When l saw Danish designer Christina A;beck with  20 years experience from  ‘Wardrobe by Me’ was wanting some testers for this skirt l jumped at the opportunity to apply, being fortunate to test was going to be a challenge as the style of this skirt is not generally the style that l would wear.

This is where testing not only allows you to test and sew but also for me it was a challenge in style, however this was a pleasant change as l did find the skirt quite flattering and suits all sizes beautifully. 

The panels in the skirt allow for quite a lot of variations making it suitable for casual and more formal wear.  The skirt was designed to be made with an invisible zip in the back however l made the skirt in a knit fabric which was easily adapted from the pattern.   I had chosen a panel of fabric for the front and back panel that had a large pattern which l did not want to have a seam in the back.  To achieve this l simply decreased the seam allowance from the back panel and placed the pattern on the fold to achieve a seamless back panel.  As the skirt was made in a knit fabric l also downsized one size to accommodate the extra stretch that knit fabric provides.  This enable the skirt to be slipped on very easily with out the zipper.

This pattern is designed for those who are more experienced and able to follow simple instructions however l do feel that there are enough instructions for even the new intermediate sewer would be able to follow and create this skirt.   I only had one are where l had to clarify the sewing of the slit at the front of the skirt, this was not a problem at all and the skirt turned out lovely.

Figure hugging and flattering

Figure hugging and flattering

The designer Christina was a pleasure to work with, being Danish her English is not perfect but her interpretation in explaining  any issues were addressed very well.  I will definately be making more of these skirts as perfect for casual wear as it would be for more formal occasions.   Christina’s new release the Mirri dress is one that l look forward to completing for my self very soon so stay tuned.

Link to ‘Wardrobe by Me’ etsy

Thanks and happy crafting