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Cute Overlap suits for littlies.


Goodness how cute are these little Onesies for the littlies.  It was so nice to make something for little bubs and Fresh Stitch Patterns has the new Onesie that l have been testing.  Making in knit fabric it really does have a great fit although following the directions and choosing the correct type of knit is important and the instructions give great detail on which type of knit to choose.  I made several in different types of knit and it does really make a difference so having great instructions made it very helpful in choosing the type to sew with.

This suit has options for short or long sleeves and is it was heading into our summer short sleeves were chosen. Although the long sleeves would be perfect for layering which one tester did and wow it looked super cute with a skirt over the top of the long sleeved onesie so great versatility in the pattern.

You can never have too many of these little suits and we all know that little ones love lots of play, dribble and get into all sorts of mischief that they can go through many suits in no time at all.

How cute are these little suits, you cannot just have one you need lots and lots and with this pattern you can because you can make them relatively quickly.  The pattern has sizing from Preemie to size 2-3 yrs.

Fresh Stitch patterns has some lovely patterns for little ones, not just the girls but also for the boys.  There are also some other patterns in testing that are super cute you will want them as well.  There is a pattern group on facebook for those requiring assistance from Kylie of ‘Fresh Stitch Patterns’  and she is very helpful. Link to facebook group

Link to Fresh Stitch patterns

I will be making many more of these little overlap suits with a few little ones in this family needing them and the great thing is that when you make them yourself you can personalise with some applique and design so pop over to the store and catch the pattern when it is released soon.

Happy crafting everyone.


Easy Tee by Wardrobe by Me


The testing call came to test the new Tee by Wardrobe by Me.  This is not your usual easy Tee but a much more versatile Tee that can be made not only in knit but also in woven.  Now not only this but you can make in knit and woven and that is exactly what l did with the first top l made.

It was a very quick sew and with options for a rib neckline and cuffs on the drop shoulder or facings for a more classic look.  The first drop shoulder top l made was with a woven front and a knit back with the rib contrast.  I found the pattern perfect for using those small pieces of fabric that you have but not quite sure what you will use them for and that is exactly what l did and l was very happy with the outcome.  This top is perfect for casual Spring/Summer wear, nice and bright and cheerful.  Finishing the neckline and the drop shoulder is very quick and completes the casual look.

For my second top, yes they are so quick to sew l made some more.  For a more formal look l chose a soft drape rayon and with facings.  The pattern is very easy to understand even though the directions are intended for those who have sewn and have an understanding of techniques but an advanced beginner would easily understand the instructions and complete the top in quick time.  The finished top with the facings l believe gives a polished look and perfect for both casual and a more formal occasion.

Christina from ‘Wardrobe by Me’ has some great patterns available that l am eager to try so you will see some more of her unique patterns.  Link to the drop shoulder Tee

You may have seen me in another of Christina’s patterns, the Haute skirt which is a great skirt so here is the link to the pattern store.

There is also lots of support from Christina from those who need it in her Facebook group.

Thanks for having a look at my blog l am off to sew another of Christina’s patterns the Mirri dress and l am liking what l have sewn so far so l think l will definately have a few of those dresses in my wardrobe as well.

thanks for looking and happy crafting.

Ready for the races.


It’s Spring racing season, what better time to make something special for that fun day.

Testing for Reyna Lay designs first pattern the MIriam skirt took some thought in choosing fabric and style as there are so many options available you could keep making them forever.  With 5 versions available how do you choose, l actually applied to make the mini, now l am not the usual show a leg wearing mini kind of gal but hey it would be fun.  Well l actually was chosen to make another style & that took some thought what do l make.

Now Reyna is quite the talented lady having  a 4 year honours degree in Fashion Design and also has a successful podcast, what does she do you say, well this is where she interviews pattern makers & bloggers and she busily sews and sells her clothing on her website.   Now back to that skirt, l chose the 3 panel skirt perfect for the races and l will also have it for winter, now that’s a winner.

I chose to iron my pleats in place but with a soft flowing fabric the Miriam skirt looks lovely just with the gentle flow of pleats from the waistband that is what is so good about this skirt. It is very versatile and the choice of fabric as well as the options available in the skirt also make it a very versatile pattern to create endless styles.  What are the options you wonder well with the Miriam skirt you have the mini, 1 panel, 2 panels & l made 3 panels and the last option of 4 panels, it’s all in the pattern so versatile.

Here is the link to the pattern, have a look its gorgeous, if you cannot sew remember Reyna has some gorgeous creations over there to tempt you on the website.

Happy crafting Leanne