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A cool summer top.


Sometimes we like the fit and uniqueness in a pattern so much that you just want to keep part of it and use it in another way, this is what l found with Mummykins & Me’s ‘Pretty Party Dress’.  (Lets call it the PPD)


Now the bodice is that something just a bit different, having a yoke and buttoned at the shoulders, l had not seen many if any before in a ladies pattern.  After testing the (PPD) l knew that l wanted to make something with the bodice because of it’s unique style but also because l  found the fit just right for me, no alterations yeah so l set about thinking how can l keep it and make a top from that pattern.

Not only is the PPD available in ladies sizes you can also get the pattern in girls sizes as well.


As  the PPD already has lots of options, sash, no sash, tulle overlay, you can see l went the no tulle overlay and this then gives me an all round wearable casual dress perfect for quickly popping out for a quick shop or an outing with the girls for a cup of coffee and a chat or simply for  an evening out, versatility that’s what l like and l got it with this pattern.

Now l decided l needed a top as the weather here in the Australia, at least where l live had been super hot and a top is what l needed.  I decided that it was too hot to have the bodice lined so l would be cheeky and try making the bodice unlined.


The instructions are very clear in the pattern so there were only a few changes that l needed to make, l only cut out 1 front and back bodice but you still need to have the front and back yokes lined, l then simply followed the instructions for sewing the darts, sew the (R) side seam now before finishing the armsyce.  I then needed to solve how l was going to edge the armsyce as it is unlined, deciding that bias tape was my friend and just for something a little different l would place the bias so that it is visible from the outside, just because l can.


Placing the bias on the (L) front and (L) back armsyce and the (R) armsyce that you have already sewn,  remember *you need to place the bias where the seam would be and the seam allowance is 5/8″ if not your bodice will not fit correctly.


Sew along the seam at 5/8″ where you have measured previously, you can see that l have sewn the bias on the wrong side so that when folded it will be visible on the outside of the bodice, you can simply place it sewn on the right side of fabric and flip over and sew and it will not be visible from the outside as you have sewn down on the inside.  Before folding over and top stitching the bias in place trim back the fabric to the bias so that it sits nice and flat.  The (L) side seam where the bias are on the side will be encased when you install the zipper.

It is simple as that, now follow the rest of the instructions to complete the bodice. Attach the bodice yokes as instructed, top stitch encasing the seam from the yokes and the bodice front and back. I like to hand sew my yoke lining by hand sewing it in place then top stitching all around the yokes, l just like to have it a bit neater as l find it a bit difficult at times to get that lining just perfectly placed on the inside while top stitching.

Now l needed to add to the base of the bodice, l decided l wanted a peplum top, not just your regular length peplum.  I have tried them before and the length is not my friend l am just too short so l went with a shortened peplum.  After a busy weekend walking around at our bi-annual festival in my town recently l was pleased to see lots of shortened peplums and decided l needed to try one.  So glad l did as l know l will get lots of wear from this top and super cool for summer and the spring.


You can see just a peek of that bias on the top on the armsyce, just a peek not too much to detract but just enough for something a bit different.

There are quite a few ways to calculate how to make circle skirts but l found the app by  ‘By Hand London’ very useful, of course you may have other ways to calculate your peplum.  Remember that when you do calculate you will need to measure the bodice width not your waist, you need the peplum to match up with the bodice and you will not need the length stated in the apps as they are generally for circle skirts and you will not need your top that long or you may like to add a circle skirt to the bodice of you PPD to create a circle skirt dress, another great option.

Your imagination and a bit of versatility you can create all sorts of garments with the PPD, there are bound to be more, l know l am working on a couple  more ideas.

If you don’t have the PPD here is the link for the pattern

Mummykins & Me has a great support network on facebook for those who need a little help along the way or if you would like to post your dresses for all to see.  Link to Mummykins & Me PDF pattern group.

Come and join the group and you can get the pattern for free, yes free.

Happy sewing and crafting