Arabella skirt


A simple but stylish skirt by Rebecca Page pdf patterns. Ok you will say what is so special about this skirt? Of course you will say that many other designers have made exactly the same.  Well yes you could say that but the Arabella is available for sizes NB-12 Yrs for girls and XXS-5XL for ladies so you can have matchy mum and me outfits, no need to search anywhere else to get one for your little girl as well, they are all available in the one spot.

Instructions were easy to follow and fabric suggestions were appropriate.  Options for a regular or tall waistband and an added sash and pockets ensure some variations on this simple skirt, this in my opinion makes this very versatile for a simple casual skirt or a more elegant skirt for more formal wear. The suggested fabrics included describe the drape appropriately.  A lovely swishy skirt in rayon as l made makes the wearer feel quite elegant. Love it and l am generally not a maxi wearer but the drape and feel is very feminine.


I made my Arabella in rayon and absolutely love it, l am not usually a maxi wearing kind of gal but lately l discovered the maxi and fell in love with them.  I always thought that l was too short to wear a maxi but discovered there were so many other women the same height as myself wearing maxi’s and they looked fabulous.  What was l thinking that l couldn’t wear a maxi,  this is the first of many to come.  The rayon fabric is so soft and drapes beautifully so having the gathers at the waistline it doesn’t flare at the hip as generously so it is quite flattering rather than being quite full and voluminous of course it will depend on the style and effect that you are seeking which will determine your fabric choice.

arabella skirt 3a.jpg

Perfectly suitable for formal wear or a more casual occasion, the Arabella is your quick sew garment when you need something when the girls ring at the last moment catch up.I chose the high waistband option with a sash, although you cannot see the sash it ties and would showcase the waist if made in a contrasting colour,  the beauty of making for your self you can create your own style.  The sash is able to be tied at the front or back or if you want something a little more casual you can make without the sash.

arabella skirt 7a.jpg

The Arabella is perfect for border prints, the skirt showcases it beautifully don’t you think.

I have made quite a lot of my wardrobe from Rebecca Page patterns, l do like that the patterns are diverse and don’t always follow the trend of other designers.  I can have something that is fashionable but unique in my wardrobe.  I have tested quite a few of Rebecca’s patterns, some l absolutely love and just a couple l found where not quite my style but l would not say that l don’t like them they just don’t suit me as much as l thought and honestly isn’t that the same with some clothing that we try on in the shops.  We will find something and have a moment of loving it until we try it on then go wow what was l thinking.

arabella skirt 8a.jpg

After testing for Rebecca quite a few of the testers are now brand ambassadors which is quite an honour, we do get to choose what we would like to make which is quite generous of Rebecca and her team.

You can follow along with great support and encouragement in the fb group here.

Link to Arabella


Happy crafting.




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