Classic styled Anna shirt by WBM.




So it has been a while since l have blogged, still so much sewing done but little time to blog.  I have tested quite a few great patterns that deserve to be mentioned though.

Now we come to my most recent test of a garment, the Anna shirt by Wardrobe by Me.  Some skills l was sure l could do and some afford the opportunity to challenge myself to achieve the great finish that this shirt deserves.  Instructions enabled me to achieve a finish that l am quite proud of and a shirt that l am going to wear a LOT.

The Anna shirt is a button down shirt with options for a pointed or round collar, just a simple collar stand, long sleeves with cuffs and short sleeves.  Yoke and plain or back pleats,  something for all seasons and to suit any occasion.


For my long sleeve Anna l chose a voile floral and a plain cotton for the collar and cuffs which gives a nice contrast, bright and cheerful for winter.


Anna in short sleeve and just the stand with out the collar in rayon is super comfy and another great option available in the pattern.

Affiliate link to the pattern

With a well drafted pattern with great instructions you too can be proud of your button down shirt.


The Anna compliments my Slim fit Pants also by Wardrobe by Me.

There is also a matching shirt for the man in you life, the Jensen shirt, if you purchase both shirts there is a great discount, code is ‘jensen and anna’.  on sale until 28th April 2018,

Wardrobe by Me will be having a Sew a along so come along and join the fun  in Wardrobe by Me group    Sewalong begins the 26th April 2018.

Happy crafting.



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