A few hacks & mashes of RP patterns.


Do you ever see a pattern and decide that you want something just a little different?  You see a couple of patterns and think well l can change it up a bit just because you can or you think you can.

Now, l for many years followed patterns to the T, l still do but as my sewing skills have improved l have become more adventurous and have wanted to just try and see if my ideas will work.  They don’t always work but if you don’t try you will never know.

Rebecca Page patterns are a great base to work with, they have enabled me to hack and mash the patterns with sometimes just a gentle tweek or a major shuffle to create something just a little different but totally wearable. Thanks Rebecca for your great patterns.

Here are some of my hacks and mashes & l will link up the patterns so you can hack & mash too, you will be surprised what you can create.

My first being the Pretty Party dress (free with the code in the group) with a peplum skirt, an easy hack just by adding the peplum to the bodice, you can easily do this by using this formula from Hand London https://byhandlondon.com/pages/circle-skirt-app



I seriously do have a love for the Emma and l have hacked her a few times.  A side tie on the neckline and shirred waist changes the look completely.  The tie took a bit of calculation and fiddling around (l hate maths) but it worked in the end and was actually quite easy to do (in the end lol).



I decided l wanted a slimmer looking Emma so simply reducing the width of the front just a little gave me a slimmer fit.  Honestly l would not have wanted it any slimmer or the bodice would have been too firm across the bust but l just got lucky with this version.


Another Emma favourite is my Gatsby dress that l made for my last cruise.  Having borrowed a dress and since l love cruises and had a few more booked and needed another dress l thought l had better make my own.  This is my modern inspired Gatsby dress using the Emma bodice attached to a pencil skirt using a cotton underlay with a black lace & gold embroidered overlay.  This would work well in knit with the new Dreamy Drape add on skirt.



A mash up of the Emma bodice with a little tweek and the Cerena pants and wow l was so happy with this version.  In bamboo knit it is so so comfy and fashionable at the same time.



The Paris top (from the Paris party dress, free with the code in the group) with some gathered sleeves was a great addition for my wardrobe.  l hadn’t made the scoop neckline and found that it was quite flattering and on trend with the sleeve addition which l used from the Kingston jacket and a scarf for accessorising l was set for the cooler weather.



paris bell sleeves


After making a Portia dress in knit l wanted a Portia top in woven and it was super  simple, just shorten the dress to top length or tunic length. I used a voile for my Portia top version.  The knit version dress is free on the website no code needed.



My latest hack was to make some work out pants in spandex with the Pippa pants.  I love the Pippa pants but why not try them a different way, of course.  Now these were easy enough to hack but honestly l did make them a bit longer but the fit wasn’t quite right because the leg width is wider but by shortening them just a little made them absolutely wearable and l have worn them constantly to the gym and for training, yes training for Tough Mudder at the end of May 2018, l have done something similar so l should survive.

https://rebecca-page.com/product/stretch-pants-pattern/?affiliates=132  (quick they are presently on sale)


These are my current hacks & mashes and l am sure there will be more to come.  I hope l inspire you to be bold be brave and create something new, l know that l could not have been able to create my versions if l hadn’t had such a great base of patterns to work from. Create away and l hope you share your versions in the group.


Happy crafting.


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