Stylish Sophia


It was quite appropriate that this stylish top was posted for testing by Jo from Day Dream patterns.  I jumped at the chance to test, l always find that l learn new techniques that not only improves my skills but a yearning to learn much much more.

The cowl neck on the Sophia was something l had not made before  this was perfect for our winter.  The Sophia has cami insert on the front bodice which adds extra warmth so that was a bonus.

The instructions made this a relatively easy sew which is designed for advanced beginner/intermediate sewer.


The option of 3 sleeve lengths make the Sophia ideal for all seasons,  designed for a knit fabric it was nice and warm for our winter with the long sleeves.


Day Dream patterns offer support in the facebook group,

The pattern is available here.

Happy crafting.



New York Minute dress


When you are asked by your grandchildren to sew something for them of course nan obliges but there is generally a bit of a catch to it.  Yes these little ones know exactly what they want and when they have a look through your fabric cupboard they know exactly which fabric they want and they have distinct ideas on what they want to wear.

So after choosing fabric and describing exactly how little miss wants her dress to be we chose the New York Minute dress by Tie Dye Diva.  This stylish quick sew was even quicker when little miss decided on no pockets, a hoodie to keep warm but short sleeves.  Well there was no convincing we needed long sleeves but we figured that at least we could layer for winter and it would still be perfectly suitable for summer.

After deciding on fabric which l had purchased from the lovely Wicked fabrics here in Australia, we added some pink of course because there has to be pink.  So all of our fabric was chosen from Wicked fabrics which was of great quality and will last for all the rough and tumble.   Lots of lovely fabric for all ages here.


Tie Dye Diva’s New York Minute dress has quite a few options which is great for this nan as it is suitable for winter and summer.  Lovely little side pockets with added contrast make for lovely little girls pockets but there was no convincing for this dress alas.  Kangaroo pockets make this pattern perfectly suitable for boys too with just a little adjusting with the length in my opinion, there is actually a tip in the pattern to make a top so it then becomes quite a versatile pattern so yes perfectly suitable for boys.

The pattern is designed for ages 12 months to 9-10 yrs and available here

A great pattern when you have quite a few grandchildren to sew for and you do not want them all to miss out because you know they are going to ask where is their jumper or dress when they see the others wearing theirs.  A few options in the pattern that does make it quite versatile which is a bonus when you have little ones that know exactly what they want and you know you have the exact pattern to suit.

Happy crafting.

Emma top Retro style


The stylish Emma top/tunic/dress/maxi wow look at those options just released by Rebecca Page (fka Mummykins and Me).

Such an elegant simplistic style suitable for so many shapes and sizes.  The instructions are easily understood and the style enables a quick sew.  The high collar, off shoulder look oozes elegance but styling the Emma ensures that you can wear for all occasions.


Tunic length and cinched in with a belt and styled with a pencil skirt is perfectly styled for a garden party or evening out with my husband.  I decided to add a heavy gold bead to the end of my sash for some added weight and love the effect that it gave.


My chosen fabric was a bold and bright chiffon that l had hidden away for quite a while.  Emma retro is what l created, styled with leggings and l am set for some good old fashioned fun.  Worn with my Kingston jacket (yet another great versatile well worn Rebecca Page pattern) will keep me warm on those cooler evenings.

The Emma patterns can be made in a woven fabric or knit fabric.  Best suited to soft draping fabric.


The Emma pattern is available in the usual Rebecca Page sizes from Doll, NB – 12, XXS-5XL and suitable for maternity so the Emma pattern has everyone covered.

Elegant and classy the Emma brought out some fun while taking some photos, because it cannot be all serious, yes it is a fun pattern.


Join the Rebecca Page PDF pattern group where you will ‘meet’ some lovely ladies/men who are more than willing to assist if needed.

Happy crafting,




Shorts, hmm but l love them.


I do love testing patterns especially when l experience new skills or designs l had not usually thought l would wear.

Berry Bubble shorts by Mummykins and Me (Rebecca Page) amazes me with her designs, so well structured. Now l do love a good pair of shorts but in all honesty l am not the one to wear them out in public too often.

Why do we as woman doubt ourselves or worry what others think or simply what we think we should wear when we should just be comfortable and not worry what others think.

After testing a few patterns for Rebecca l have full faith in her designs and fit.  I knew that these shorts were going to be great but not sure that l would be too comfortable wearing the short shorts out in public too often.


Well l made the above knee length in denim and matched them with my Kingston jacket and they were great but l needed to downsize for my next pair.  I was on the cusp of sizes so went with the larger size for my first pair, deciding to bite the bullet l downsized and made a pair of short shorts for my second pair and l was in love.  They teamed perfectly with the Paris top another great pattern by Rebecca Page.

bubble shorts finals 2

The Berry Bubble shorts offer many lengths from short to below knee, options for cuffs or binding so there is great versatility in this pattern.  I can see the opportunity to extend the length and make some lovely capris with ties on the hem, they would be super comfy.

Now you may ask will l, have l worn these out in public?  Absolutely and l have had many compliments and that is testament to Rebecca Pages designs.

Whats not to love about the little detail on the pockets and front yoke, stylish cuffs compliment the style, for added style the binding crops the shorts in gathers, more of the options that this pattern offers, great value.  Amazingly this pattern is also available in French.


To access the patterns for the Kingston jacket and the Paris top the link to Rebecca Page patterns are

For patterns support from the most friendliest of ladies go to the facebook group.

I hope you try these shorts as they are super comfy and a very satisfying sew.

Happy crafting,


Quick sew stash buster.


Seems that you can quickly build up a stash of some smaller pieces of fabric from some recent or not so recent sews.  Hmm so they sit there, you keep looking at them deciding what and when you will use them all up.  I know many others are the same, we simply do not want to waste any of our good fabric at all.

When the opportunity to test a simple but satisfying quick sew skirt by Day Dream patterns l knew this was the perfect opportunity to whip open that tub of fabric with all those pieces of fabric waiting to be styled into something stylish.

The Ruby skirt is a simple wrap around skirt but offers several options to make it your own style.  With the option to have a panel front this is perfect for those pieces of fabric that l had been hoarding not wanting to throw away.


All rayon skirt with the contrast panels is so swishy and stylish.  You can whip up quite a few of these skirts in very little time, quicker than washing and folding the laundry.

The option to add lace to the front panels adds to versatility of the Ruby skirt pattern.


The options are endless to how you can style your skirt. A fun skirt that started off my holiday recently, what a great way to start a cruise than swishing before sailing.

ruby wrap

For pattern support join the facebook group, and also where you will also see latest released patterns.

Happy crafting,


Beautifully elegant ‘Kingston Jacket’


The ‘Kingston jacket’ is available in sizes doll (yes dolly) NB – 12 and ladies XXS – 5XL and wait it is perfect for boys too so they don’t miss out on the perfect coolest jacket around.

I do like to get dressed up every now and then as l am sure other ladies do, not only is it a bit of fun but it is nice to feel a little elegant and special.  This is exactly how l felt when l finished my ‘Kingston jacket’ designed by ‘Mummykins and Me’ by Rebecca Page.  The original design posted for testing was for a denim jacket, well l don’t wear jeans a lot so was unsure how l could create the jacket to my style.

With options for added sleeves to the jacket this certainly changed the options immensely.  This is a win for me as it gave me the opportunity to create something special more to my style and that l can wear for a more formal occasion or match up to my jeans when l want a something a little more casual.

m&m jacket final 2.jpg

I love my angel sleeve option, this enabled me to create a more formal jacket which is so comfy.  The instructions do allow you to create a genuine denim jacket style with top stitching on all those seams, long sleeves with cuffs and the waistband with tabs and pockets of course.  For my more formal jacket l didn’t put on the pockets but l did put on some sparkly buttons just because l could.  The stylish paneled jacket creates a lovely stylish fit for any lady.

m&m jacket final 5.jpg

The back of the jacket whoo hoo l love it, sits beautifully on the booty.   The ‘Kingston jacket’ may sound and look complex but it truly isn’t.  You can completely choose all the options or a more simplified version to suit your style.  There were a few ladies testing this pattern that chose all the options and created some amazing jackets and they initially thought that creating this jacket was well and truly out of their comfort zone.  The instructions and pics in the tutorial for the pattern are typical ‘Mummykins and Me’ style, easy to understand instructions enabling all seamstresses to create something beautiful.

m&m jacket final 6.jpg

For my more casual style l can still wear my formal jacket with jeans and still feel pretty darn cool at the same time.

m&m jacket & jeans 2.jpg

Head to the ‘Mummykins and Me’ by Rebecca Page website to get your ‘Kingston Jacket’ pdf pattern.

You can get lots of help in a superbly supportive and friendly group here,

You can even get some codes to some lovely free patterns by joining the group.

I hope that you will try the ‘Kingston Jacket’ please do not be daunted it is much easier than you think, maybe a little time consuming initially but honestly the effort is well and truly worth it and you will be sewing up a storm for every member of the family.

Happy crafting.


MRT (Miss Ruby Tuesday) ADD-ON


I love my MRT and when there was an Add-On for SO many more options to create some stylish dresses/ tops for my cruise l was quite excited to be able to test the Add-On.

This test was not rushed at all and Ann Martin  from 1Puddle Lane honestly takes a lot of time and care ensuring that the pattern was top notch before she was happy to release it to the many seamstresses who would be wanting this pattern. The Add-On is a lovely compliment to the original MRT, the options to mix and match the bodices, skirts and sleeves enables you to create something to suit your style and occasion.  You may even find that a bodice or skirt that you thought is not  you is actually very much perfect for you.  This is exactly what l found during the testing process, I decided l would make the pleated crossover bodice because l knew that l would feel comfortable with that style, the skirt was another matter.  The straight skirt is not usually my chosen style and in testing l do like to go out of my comfort zone and try something a little different, to stretch my skills or styles.  I was so pleasantly surprised that this style actually made me feel quite comfortable in my own skin and l also came away with a new perfect dress for formal night on our cruise.


With 5 bodice options and 6 skirt options there is a dress to suit everyone. I was heading for a rare visit to the beach and l wanted a new dress for my stroll along the beach. I chose bodice A and skirt C from the MRT Add-On to the rescue.  With so many options with sleeves and bodices and skirts the Add-On alone enabled me to create my ideal cool summer dress.

mrt beach 8.jpg


The skirt option also gave me another option that l had not really worn so l added the Hi-Lo hem skirt to my list of ‘okay lets try this list’.  Pleasantly surprised AGAIN is an understatement,  l am in love with this style, another out to dinner dress for me.

mrt add on hi lo final 3.jpg

Sleeves of course, you can add the sleeves from the original MRT to any bodice from the MRT Add-On.  Ann has also added a flutter sleeve to the Add-On and you can easily mix the flutter sleeve to the original MRT.  The original sleeves added to the crossover bodice was very easy, perfect match.

mrt add on metallic 2.jpg

I have only sewn a few of the many styles available, next on my list is a maxi length dress,  what are you going to sew.  The bodice Add-On and the skirt Add-On to the original MRT are available, you will want them all, available for purchase on the website.

You can join the facebook group for 1Puddle Lane here,

for some great support, come along and post your MRT’s we would love to see what you create.

l do hope that you will give the MRT and the Add-On a try they really are lovely patterns, reasonably quick to sew as well, the longest part is deciding which style and fabric to use.

If you have read this far, thank you.

Happy crafting.



Peplum Tank


I was always envious of the lovely fabric that fellow seamstresses would share in the many sewing groups to which l was a member.  Finally l would be able to touch and sew something for myself, however my first experience was in a group that sent out mystery fabrics, you were able to choose which selection group and l chose the ‘wild’.  I received something that l would not normally choose and a co-ordinate fabric was also chosen for us.  Well it sat there in my stash of fabric until l could decide what to make.  Little did l know that those fabrics were the ideal choice for the ‘Woman’s Peplum Tank’ a pattern by ‘Snuggle my Baby Patterns’ a recent test for designer Jennifer Gunn.

smb unlined final 6.jpg

How lovely are those fabrics, perfect combination for the Peplum Tank, the fabric is a heavy cotton lycra and l was quite surprised how well it draped.  The Peplum Tank is available in sizes 2-32 so it is surely suitable for everyone.   The pattern is very user friendly and comes with layers so you are able to print the size you want without having to worry about all those other sizes and lines every where, a super saver in time.  A bonus is that the Peplum Tank is a super quick sew you can sew one up in nap time.

smb unlined final 2a.jpg

The Peplum Tank is available in 2 styles so it is possible to create something for any occasion. The simple bodice is super quick with only 5 seams and some added bindings and hem and you are ready to wear, how fast is that.  I am like many other seamstresses and want value for money so its necessary to have more than one option in a pattern.  The stylish insert shaped bodice enables you to create something not only a little more stylish but its a great stash buster.

smb peplum final 2.jpg

With quite a few combinations of fabric and with just some smaller pieces in my stash of fabric l was able to create another Peplum Tank.

The Peplum Tank will be on sale Wednesday 22/03/2017 until 28/03/2017 for $6, (regular price will be $12)  so now is a great time to pop over and grab the ‘Woman’s Peplum Tank’.  Link to the pattern,

Link to the pattern group for lots of support and fun

Happy crafting,


Asta dress


Ok so here l am again after testing for designer  Christina Albeck of Wardrobe by Me.

I do not always blog after every test but the ‘Asta’ earns the accolades that it deserves.  The style and options available enable all shapes and sizes of women to feel good.  With two neckline options the boat neck and turtle neck option of low or high neck, five sleeve options including sleeveless and optional pockets.


As it has been super hot down here in Australia l chose to make the boat neck sleeveless version.  I was quite undecided about the pockets but am so glad that l chose to add them to my dress as they add another dimension that other skater style dresses do not offer, super handy as well.


No zips or buttons and a perfect fit that looks and feels quite delish to wear.  I made according to the pattern with only decreasing the length of the skirt according to my height of 5’2″.  Perfect for casual to a more formal outing dependent on your fabric choice.  My chosen fabric is a cotton lycra, l love the bold striking spots.

There will be a sew a long in the support group,  you can join the support group.


So l could not stop at making just one ‘Asta’, l had to make the turtle neck option.  After making the Trudy turtle neck T also available from Wardrobe by Me l knew that l would like this version.  I shortened my bodice on this version and colour blocked for an entire different effect, great for more casual wear this time and is lovely worn with a belt.

With the endless possibilities in the pattern, shortening the skirt to make a peplum, yes you could do that, others in testing did and they look lovely.

The ‘Asta’ is on sale until Feb 1 2017 for USD 9 or AUS $11.96.  You can get you pattern here

Asta jersey dress

I am sure you will not be disappointed in your ‘Asta’

happy crafting








Ladies Paris Party, oh so gloriously feminine.


I am quite excited about this pattern, the Paris Party dress is really not just a dress.  You see it is actually a top and a skirt but you can make it as a dress as well.  The pattern is available from Mummykins and Me by Rebecca Page.

I do love Rebecca Page’s patterns but she has really out shined herself this time.  There are so many options with this pattern and to also have add ons to create some truly gorgeous outfits, enough to create a new wardrobe is WOW.  To provide the FREE PATTERN  by using the code  when joining the pattern support group is very generous indeed.  The patterns are available in sizes NB to 5XL so every one has certainly been catered for.

The basic patterns comprise of a top in knit fabric and a skirt in woven fabric.  The top has 2 necklines and several sleeve options, 2 lengths.  The skirt is box pleated with a zipper, it offers 2 waistband heights and 3 skirt lengths.


I chose the boat neckline and short sleeves, regular length in a bonded lace knit for my top and some gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli fabric for my skirt to create a classic outfit perfectly suited for a casual outing or for a more formal occasion.  For my skirt l chose the regular width waistband and above knee length but as l am a little shorter than the height the pattern is designed for it sat exactly where l wanted it to at the knee.

The instructions  are very easy to follow and the tip for placing the pattern to construct the skirt without the seam in the front was ideal for my skirt as l was able to make my skirt without disrupting the pattern of my fabric, yeah l was so happy about that.

Don’t be too daunted about making these pleats, the instructions make it super simple to create.


The add on options are a great investment to create the dress and add on some gorgeous options to add to the wardrobe.   Options include a T shirt neckline, puff and gathered sleeves, lace top overlay, elastic back waistband, lining the skirt, tulle petticoat, ribbon hemline and attaching the top to create the dress, all this for an amazing low cost.

The patterns are suitable for all ages and sizes, uniquely fitted to hide the mum tum and for those of us who are a little older (my grandaughter tells me she still loves me even though l am old) you have to love 5 yr olds. So yes we can all wear this and feel awesome because l know l simply fell in love with this especially when l got so many lovely complimentary comments when l attended a party a few nights ago.  So wearing the Paris Party was perfect attire to wear to the party.


To get these gorgeous patterns for free pop over to Mummykins and Me PDF pattern group for the code to start your wardrobe of Paris Party dresses and remember in sizes NB – 5Xl.

Don’t forget to get the add ons for $6.50 now.

I hope you enjoy making and creating your Paris Party dresses as l did.

Happy crafting.